Using *DAS as a reviewer

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, that means that you want to review someone’s learning portfolio to better understand whether there’s a good fit—in short, whether they have the competence you are looking for. By using the *DAS protocol, you can achieve this goal in a short time with a reliable assessment of a person’s qualitative learning portfolio.

First, the applicant or person of interest sends you a collection of connected certs, called a learning portfolio. You and your team can see how the many certs are connected as prerequisites, which can give the reviewers a more detailed look into the skill and experience of the applicant. By reviewing a few certs and rating them on credibility, you will see the ratings automatically beginning to spread to other certs. Where you have doubts about the applicant's skill in a certain area, you can zoom in to review more certs in that area of the graph. This workflow will allow you to focus on the qualitative aspect of the applicant’s portfolio, while *DAS extends your perception of the applicants credibility by updating the probable rating of all certs automatically.

Using *DAS increases your efficiency exponentially over time

As you open a new applicant's learning portfolio, you might find that the applicant has given and received awards to and from previous applicants you have reviewed. These awarded certs will already have a rating assigned to them based on the credibility rating you gave the certs of previous applicants. When you have reviewed several applicants from the same institutions who have been awarding each other certs over years of studying or working together, reviewing new applicants from that community will become faster and more reliable over time.