Get involved

Our Development Roadmap


Join the *DAS Envoy Workshops

Beginning August 20th every Thursday night for 4 weeks from 7:00 - 8:30pm EST learn to become a certified *DAS Envoy to bring peer-to-peer accreditation to your communities. Email info-at-stardas-dot-org to sign up.

Help Grow *DAS

Truss works but isn’t accessible to others yet.

Our front end is not useful to new users.

Our team is not very diverse yet.

We need:

  1. Patient users to try (and teach) *DAS
  2. Mentors experienced in open source development
  3. Activists who see potential for their organizations

If you’re on this list:

Technologies currently in use in *DAS tools

We could definitely use your help!

Please email info-at-stardas-dot-org with what you have in mind.