Our team is:

Dana, Fabiola, Jaguar, Jonathan, and Jyotishka!

Dana is a maker, musician, programmer, and learning enthusiast. He made the first designs for *DAS in 2014-15 during his time at MIT.

Fabiola is a graphic artist, public health asset, deep thinker, and constant source of creative energy.

Jaguar is an engineer, inspirational leader, prankster, and wearer of crocs.

Jonathan is an educator, software engineer, community leader, and communications magician.

Jyotishka is a software engineer, entrepreneur, technical advisor, and long-time source of encouragement.

The *DAS team is hoping to contribute to a new generation of modern learning infrastructure that’s less about official institutions and prestigious colleges, and more about helping each other learn.

Contact our team at info-at-stardas-dot-org.

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